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V Civil Works – Power for general contracting

Power for general contracting  is committed to offer the best service in the industry of construction, foundation works and shoring excavation Among other contracting companies. Power  has been recognized as a quality oriented company adopting the latest technologies and the highest standards of Quality Control. Moreover, the organization is equipped with a very large fleet of construction and heavy equipment machinery. a highly qualified professional team of engineers and management.
We, at power  are always committed to complete projects with the highest level of quality and within the agreed time constraints, our experienced and motivated team is an invaluable addition to the organization’s success in the field of civil construction.
Power  has played a prominent role in the construction of many prestigious projects .
Power  has been involved in many of the construction work fields, this work has been carried out in all sorts of environments. We believe that no job is too big or too small. Our services cover:
⦁ Infrastructure
⦁ High Rise Building
⦁ Landscaping
⦁ Sewerage Network & Pump stations
⦁ Drainage Systems
⦁ Maintenance
Power has been designing and managing projects that range from high-tech buildings to large residential and commercial development projects. The range of projects executed are a testment to our versatility.
The experience range that has been gained and integrated into our design capabilities include:
⦁ Residential: Apartment buildings & complexes, private residences, and housing compounds.
⦁ Commercial: Office buildings and complexes, commercial centers, shopping malls, hypermarkets, etc.
⦁ Governmental: schools ,factories .
⦁ Corporate: Headquarter buildings & complexes, and banks.
⦁ Hospitality: Hotels, hotel resorts and developments, parks , recreational centers, and furnished apartments.
⦁ Health Care: Hospitals and medical research centers etc.
⦁ Institutional:  colleges, schools, hostels and cultural centers.
⦁ Industrial: Plants, showrooms and service workshops and factories.